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Let's Review: Elsword

By GG-Myluvalways 1 year, 9 months ago • 0 Comments

The El Stone shone so bright that it penetrated the darkness and created life in an otherwise desolate world. Now, a civilization spawned by this power must defeat a technology that they themselves created. This describes the world of Elsword, a free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG developed by KOG Studios and produced by Kill3rCombo.

This ever-expanding game offers new challenges to players in the anime style world called Elrios. Join the citizens of El as you search for El Shards, fight foes, explore new challenges, and strive to restore the inner power of Elrios!


To play in the world of Elros, the player must choose between 5 different character 'classes’, each with their own unique back story and evolving fighting style:

Eve – a girl once termed “queen of the Nasods” honed with the ability to glide through the air and summon Nasods drones under her command.

Raven – a dual wielding melee fighter who fights with a sword in his right hand and a Nasod weapon molded to his arm on the left.

Elsword – an ambitious sword wielding warrior who fights with both speed and strength.

Aisha – a spirited young mage who assaults from afar with her long range AOE or magic attacks.

Rena – an energetic elf marksman, does long range damage to enemies with both her bow and her magic abilities.


I personally found the gameplay engaging and the graphics eye-catching. Whether you are running between the towns talking to NPC’s, customizing items, or completing quest, the main artwork is very detailed and well-designed. The dungeons in Elsword are laid out as if you are progressing through the pages of a manga. Not only is the player navigating actual panels on a page, all of the characters actions are emphasized with comic style affirmations when successive combo hits are landed on a foe.

This game is very well designed and graphically stimulating.


My favorite feature regarding the game play UI is the way that the inventory organizes all of a characters acquired items into tabbed sub categories for ease of access. Regarding the user interface, I was most amazed by the amount of detail present in the map, inventory slots, and the Survival Guide. I also found the clickable quest list overlay to be extremely helpful too. Elsword also has an extensive “Item Mall” full of wearables, consumables, pets, equipment and other add-ons purchased using k-ching, a form of in-game currency that players can either pay for, or complete offers/surveys to acquire.

The only difficulty I had to overcome was a bit of a learning curve while getting used to the controls at first. It would have access to view a list of commands without having to engage “custom hotkeys” from the escape menu . At first the controls seemed counter-intuitive, so I changed them to a style more familiar to me (similar to WoW), and quickly realized that the original setup was best due to the style of game play present in Elsword.

The Verdict

I found Elsword overall to be a fairly engaging adventure. I appreciate the 3D graphics meshed with side-scrolling game play and a unique manga-style dungeon view. The story lore and character back stories are fascinating, as are the characters’ differences in fighting styles. This game seems to have a decent development community, and I can see possibility for the game to expand indefinitely. I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes a little anime style mixed into their gaming routine.

Visuals – 9/10

Beautiful, 3D stylized scenes cleverly accented with manga charm.

Sound – 8/10

Sounds are appropriate to location. Background music is calm and serene within city limits while being energetic and upbeat during battle.

Controls – 8/10

Found controls a bit weird at first, but the full customizability of hot keys is a bonus!

Gameplay – 8/10

Engaging game play, always something in-game to do.

Online Factor – 7/10

Dungeon groups were great when they were available. Much more fin than playing solo!

Replay Value – 8/10

Decent replay value, especially with an active developer expanding the game world.

Overall – 8/10

Solid game with good graphics, decent gameplay, and an amazing price (free)!

Overall, I’d say this game is a decent addition to the MMORPG scene. With its smooth graphics, catchy battle sounds, and unique manga-based style, this game is great for the casual player as well as the hardcore. The background lore and engaging story line paired with a moderately friendly user interface make this game an overall pleasure to play.

On a side note I am super stoked to see the outcome of the Cosplay contest sponsored by the Kill3rCombo booth on June 30th for Anime Expo 2012!! Check it out here.


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