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Let's Review: Dark Legends

By GG-Myluvalways 1 year, 11 months ago • 0 Comments

The first park of Dark Legends is a single player map laced with click-to-complete objectives and periodic “multiplayer optional” levels where you conquer zombies, werewolves, warlocks and the like. When all of your energy points have been spent by completing objectives on the map, you can head over to the vampire district. This place brimming with vendors, other players, and a PvP zone! Since this last update there is now two options for PvP – a capture-the-flag style battleground and a red vs. blue death match. Both are great place to pass time while your map counters are on cool-down.

My favorite bits:

This game has amazing graphics and super fast load times. Quickly, I felt myself hooked to the game, making sure to spend all of my 'energy’ any spare moment I can! The concept of having a cross platform game like this is genius! I find myself jumping back and forth between Chrome and my Android phone to play, depending on what I am doing and where I am at. While playing Dark Legends on my browser I swear the game looks almost 3D. The graphics are so smooth and clean.

What could be improved:

When I first started playing Dark Legends I found myself getting frustrated because it looked as though everything I wanted to buy was only available to purchase via “Platnum”, a currency which can only be obtained using real world money. Though I understand why this gaming model is used, I am not a fan… even if it means that I get to play the game for free. I would rather have a one time charge for a game, or have the option to earn the currency needed to buy the cool gear. However, it looks like the developers are working on a way for players to earn free platnum by completing offers, but that part of the game is still under development.

Game controls:

The controls for Dark Legends, even though not customizable, are pretty intuitive. On the mobile screen, you have the option to use a touch screen joystick or tap to run. Playing the game on Chrome, the controls are similar to WoW and other MMO’s. When this game is played in the Chrome browser, the player has extra options such as being able to pivot/zoom the camera view and pull up a mini-map overlay. The mini-map is exceptionally handy during multiplayer missions.

During my time playing Dark Legends I only ran into a couple problems with the controls: First, when I was using a laptop and touchpad I noticed that I was unable to run (using the letter keys) and point (using the touchpad) at the same time. To fix this all I had to do was plug in a mouse, which was easy enough. The other issue I had was with the lack of option to invert the camera controls. It may sound silly, but these hands have played so many games (like Portal or WoW) with an inverted camera axis that it was near impossible for me to adjust to standard view.

The Verdict – 9/10

Dark Legends is the first MMO that I have ever played on my mobile phone (or through my browser) and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. The controls are intuitive and the visuals stunning on both Android OS and Chrome browser versions. Playing a MMO on my phone did take some getting used to, but overall I find the game-play in Dark Legends to be excellent. I would recommend giving this game a try.

Visuals – 10/10

The visuals in this game are stunning!

Sound – 9/10

Pleasing ambient sounds and hack and slash effects.

Controls – 9/10

Innovative controls make controlling your vamp in DL a breeze. However, no option to invert.

Gameplay – 8/10

Love the multilayer levels, but the cut scenes (however stunning) feel repetitive.

Online Factor – 10/10

Smooth transitions, no lag.

Replay Value – 7/10

Found the game to be addictive at first, but I doubt I’d play it over again.

Pretty solid game, and the first cross platform mobile-to-browser multilayer of its kind. Amazing graphics, smooth controls, decent sound track, and engaging multiplayer options make this game a good choice for anyone who likes FREE MMO fun times!

Check out Dark Legends @ or search for Dark Legends on Google Play Marketplace.


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