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EPIC FAIL: EA Voted Worst Company in America

By GG-Myluvalways 2 years ago • 1 Comment

Just a few days ago over 250,000 readers of The Consumerist took their annual poll to vote on who they deemed to be the worst company in America for 2012. In the fight for first, this winning company outperformed such corporate giants as ATT, Bank of America, Wal-mart and Comcast. So after much ado, the Golden Poo award goes to….. (Drum roll please)...EA Games!!

While speculating about why the gaming giant won this coveted award, I am reminded of the increasingly high ticket price of video games, coupled with the rumor that “EA and its ilk deliberately hold back game content with the sole intent of charging a fee for it at a later date.” All of this makes me cringe just a little. Here’s an example: on the first day Mass Effect 3 was released for purchase, EA also released DLC labeled “essential content” for Mass Effect 3 players at the cost of $10. I wonder, if this content was so essential, why was it not packaged with the original software? If the lack of inclusion was just an oversight (which I doubt) or if the software was not fully ready in time, why was this content not made available for free download? My guess is that “someone” wanted to add extra padding to their pockets…

So congrats to EA on their landslide victory. My hope is that EA notes this as a sign that their customers are frustrated and unhappy with their seemingly money-hungry buisness practices.


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2 years ago

wow! I'm a fan of EA but for some reason I'm really not that surprised they really like to make us burn our money XD

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