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GDC 12 Hands-on: Mercenary Ops

By GG-CrixLee 2 years, 1 month ago • 1 Comment

Epic Games China draws battle lines with intense MP/Co-Op action in their upcoming third-person shooter, Mercenary Ops.

Whether you and 15 of your friends have an 8-on-8 throwdown or 8 of you vs 8 AI, you’ll find yourself immersed in some intense gameplay; plus Merc Ops will have an emphasis on ladder and auto-matchmaking to keep you on your toes.

...and I touched it.

That’s right, I touched it.

Single-player mode can be viewed as training mode but don’t discount it, it’s a pretty intense time unto itself as the difficulty increases by map. My best time earned me a “C” but I was told that I was NOT alone, lol. I think if I had more time (and I was more “hot key” proficient), I KNOW I could do better than that. Counter-Strike fans will pick up the game fairly quickly, as the keys are about the same. I’m not much of a PC gamer but after a couple seconds, I figured it out. Good fun!

While there WILL be continuous DLC, there is no word on mods as of yet (but they ARE considering it) and there will be in-game purchasables (weapons, armor, etc).

A lot of the people who worked on Merc Ops had also worked on the Splinter Cell franchise (a LOT of former Ubisoft employees are now at Epic China), so that should tell you the quality of game we’re dealing with.

Oh, yeah…you can choose to play as a woman in this game. You heard me.

Check it out!

Mercenary Ops is set for release Summer 2012 as both a box game and through digital distribution. PC only, though; sorry, Mac darlings.

Check out the screenshots below…they’re pretty dope.

This is their press asset flash drive, bad a-s-s.

For more info (and keep up with the game’s progress) keep an eye out for their Facebook page, launching soon!

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