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Get Ready For G4's Proving Ground

By GG-CrixLee 2 years, 10 months ago • 0 Comments

Ever wonder…

If you could be like Spider-Man and swing from a web?

If Data’s inventions in The Goonies would actually work in a real world situation?

CAN someone wield the power of The Force?

If the Vulcan nerve pinch be used in a…well, pinch?

If a go-kart was given the same vroom vrooms found in Super Mario Kart, could you play a live action version of the game?

And what about Quidditch?

Well wonder no more, darlings; G4’s Proving Ground has arrived.

Hosted by Ryan Dunn (Jackass/Homewrecker) and Jessica Chobot (IGN/Attack of The Show), Proving Ground will test those theories with the help of top experts, specialists, and prop masters from film and tv as they spend the season finding out if some of our most loved pop culture moments from your favorite comics, films, tv shows and videogames really could happen…if given the right time and tools.

(And we’re talking experiments on a GRAND scale with a G4 budget; which means the failures will be JUST as big as the successes…not to mention SPECTACULAR messes)

Of COURSE there’s pranking to be had. What are you kidding me? If Ryan Dunn was hosting a show and NOT pranking someone, I’d cry “Boo-urns” but thankfully he and Chobot will clearly be up to no good and I will reap in the benefits.

As a matter of fact, if at some point Chobot is able to antique Dunn on camera – I’ll donate $50 bucks to the charity of her choice (I ain’t making G4 money so $50 bucks is a LOT of cash for me. hahaha).

To keep up with these two troublemakers, you can follow Proving Ground on Twitter, “like” their Facebook page, and hit their official website.

I certainly wouldn’t turn my back on these two, ha.

“Proving Ground” premieres Tuesday, June 14th at 8 pm ET/PT on G4.

**photos courtesy of G4


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