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Humans vs Zombies!!!

By GG-CrixLee 3 years, 5 months ago • 1 Comment

Looking for something fun to play with friends for Halloween and all year round? Why not Humans vs Zombies?

Nominated for the 2010 IndieCade award in the Wild Card category, Humans vs Zombies is a moderated game of tag played at over 600 colleges and universities around the world and the only equipment needed are a bandana, socks and/or a foam dart blaster (a’la Nerf). The objective is simple: if you’re a zombie, infect the humans. If you’re a human, don’t get infected.

In case you’re thinking this is some fly-by night thing, think again. As well as maintaining their Wiki, the official website has a very active community and very detailed list of rules and objectives with super cute South Park-esque images sprinkled in for good measure. Guaranteed to make you giggle.

For example:

I sat down with HVZ creators Joe Sklover (Ranger), Trevor Moorman (Rogue), and Max Temkin (Wizard) to get to the “meat” of the game.

You ready?

Hell, Stephen Colbert called them “the number one threat to America” earlier this month during a Threat Down segment of The Colbert Report! Tha’s good eatin, yo!

Want to start a match of your own this Halloween weekend? Head on over to their official website and get started!


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3 years, 5 months ago

Dude this would be so fun!!!

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