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Let's Review: The Unofficial Game Of Thrones Cookbook!

By GG-CrixLee 2 years ago • 1 Comment

After a LONG wait, Game Of Thrones returns to HBO this evening to millions of fanboys and fangirls all over the world (yay!) and Alan Kistler celebrates his way by creating a cookbook that would add a gold star to any GoT themed dinner party!

Aside from being an (obviously) HOOGE GoT fan, Kistler is known to fans as “Sizzler”, has a weekly column, “Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.” (evolution of superheroes/villains) on Newsarama; and creator/co-host of weekly podcast, “Crazy Sexy Geeks”; he is also a pretty big foodist.

(I hate the word “foodie” so if Chris Hardwick can do it with “Nerdist”, then so can I! BWAHAHAHAHA).

Each recipe derives from a chapter from the GoT book series (don’t panic, there are no spoilers) and feature recipe pro tips titled “A Word of Wisdom”. And while some recipes ARE as simple as “eggs, bacon, sausage”, Alan punches them up with duck eggs, venison, rabbit, pigeon, and yes…even a beef heart for the “Khaleesi’s Heart” dish”


If you’re into microbrewing your IPA’s, pale ales, stouts, wines, meads, and are of legal drinking age (seriously; no underage drinking, kids) – this book has you covered. With recipes like Direwolf Ale, Lannister Gold IPA, Targaryen Dragon Mead, and Cersei’s Plum Wine…you can’t lose!

If you’re a first time brewer, don’t panic – Kistler was smart enough to include an appendix covering standard brewing processes (single-infusion, multistep brew/mash) to get you in the right direction (but be sure to actually consult with your friendly homebrew shop for advice, too).

Enough jibber jabber! Look at some food!

My ONLY complaints about the book are thus:

- I wish the book were spiral-bound so that it lays flat on the counter’s surface because it can (and in my case, DID) get dirty when you have to use a finger to turn a page or reference measurements while preparing said dish.

- PICTURES!!! I would LOVE if there were just a couple of photos of the finished product (I pulled these dish pics from know that it would’ve prevented the book from being sold for under 20 bucks…perhaps Alan could either provide a tumblr of the dishes or inspire fans to post pictures of their own attempts at the book’s recipes.

Everything about this book is a fun read and as you can see, I’ve dogeared the SHIZ out of mine! :)

It gets 4 out of 5 stars from me! Woot!

You can grab your own copy of The Unofficial Game Of Thrones CookBook on Amazon (best value), ThinkGeek, and other fine establishments!

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2 years ago

Love it! I've never looked at GoT from a culinary perspective.