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Celebrate Lerv This Valentine's Day w/ Dungeon Defenders

By GG-AngelThanatos 2 years, 2 months ago • 0 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. What better way to celebrate a day of love than to do what we love to do best – GAME!

FREE on Steam for a limited time, come celebrate the Etherian Festival of Love on Dungeon Defenders:

The DLC includes Sky 'O Love, a co-op mission in which you match mobs together – but look out, the Mega Cupid isn’t too happy about you doing his job for him. You also get 4 new Valentine’s Day themed character skins and of course, the Tavern is decorated to the hilt, as usual.

Oh, yeah – and guess who just got some PANTS:

Head on over to Steam to check it out and download Etherian Festival of Love for FREE! Happy match-making, gamers!


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